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Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus are a great, long-lasting houseplant! With a few tips and tricks anyone can get them to thrive and bloom. Christmas cactus are native to the mountainous regions of Brazil. Although they are a true cactus, they thrive in cool, humid conditions and prefer more water than a desert cactus.

There are actually three different types of “Christmas cactus” each with a different bloom time: the Thanksgiving cactus, the Christmas cactus, and the Easter cactus.

They prefer bright, indirect light with higher humidity levels, such as a kitchen. These plants bloom in response to low night temperatures (50-55 F) and daylight fewer than 12 hours starting about 6 weeks prior to bloom. When in bloom do not fertilize, but make sure to keep them watered. After they bloom, they enter a rest period.  Be careful not to overwater them during this time. Once their growth has resumed, they can be watered when the soil is dry to the touch and fertilized about once a month.

Following these simple steps will reward you with outstanding blooms for years to come!

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