This week we are planting Geraniums!

Geraniums (Pelargonium spp.) are extremely easy to grow and make a great addition to any garden whether in a pot or a landscape.  We grow over 40 different kinds of geraniums and are always on the lookout for more! We have a lot of geraniums to plant this week starting with our 12” patio geranium pots and moving into our 1st crop of 4.5” geraniums.

These geraniums have had quite a journey to get where they are today. In order to get the same consistency in color and size in every plant, most geraniums are propagated by “cuttings”. This is simply taking a tip off the plant and rooting it to produce a new plant, essentially creating a “clone” of the mother plant.

Since breeders have put a lot of work into selecting the best plants, most of the geraniums we grow are protected by a plant patent and require a royalty on every cutting that is taken. The mother plants of these geraniums are grown on what they call “farms” that are typically located in Central America. The farm workers take cuttings off the mother plants and ship them to us with an ice pack to keep them from overheating on the way.

Once they arrive at the greenhouse, we “stick” the cuttings in a flat on our mist bench and wait for them to produce roots. After a period of about 6 weeks, they are fully rooted and ready to be transplanted into their finished size that will be blooming and beautiful for you in the spring!

While red still seems to be one of the most popular color, make sure to check out our newest variety we carry: Mojo™ Salmon!