Now that your amaryllis has finished blooming, you can take some simple steps to ensure it will bloom again next year.

It’s best to cut off the dead flowers so that they don’t go to seed, which takes nutrients away from the bulb. Leave the flower stalks until they turn yellow and easily come off the plant, as they help feed the plant. Water it regularly and feed it once a month with a regular houseplant fertilizer. You can place your plant outside during the summer with your other houseplants and bring it back before a frost.

To ensure your bulb will bloom again for the holidays, you can force it to go dormant by putting it in a dark, cool (45-55°F) location for a period of 8-12 weeks. Do not water it during this time and don’t be alarmed when the leaves turn yellow and start to fall off. After this period, you can resume watering and place it in a sunny location. In approximately 4-6 weeks, it will be blooming again for your holiday enjoyment!